No Time to Relax Art Contest!

Ever thought to yourself, “Gee golly, I would love to see my artwork featured in a video game?”

For Halloween of 2019, we want to feature your artwork in our game, No Time to Relax.

Here are the details…

Our No Time to Relax characters need costumes for this Halloween.

Your goal is to create a costume for the characters.

That’s it! :)

To participate in the Art Contest:

  • Join our Discord server

  • Head over to the #june-2019-contest channel

  • Enter up to three entries in the form on that page

  • (Note that you have to be in our Discord server to enter so you can participate in voting and so we can easily send you any updates as needed).

How it works:

  • All entries will be stored in a Google Drive by the team.

  • Deadline: July 9th.

  • On July 10th, we will upload the entries to the #june-2019-contest channel and allow members to vote on their favorites.

  • Note - you must remain anonymous in the spirit of being judged by art only.

  • On July 17th, the developers will take the top 10 entries and select the top 4 to be implemented into the game.

The top 10 will receive a postcard from the Porcelain Fortress team and a game key while the top 4 will be retouched to be game ready!

To enter the contest, click the button below to join our Discord server!